Mission, Scope and Aims

JAFIB-EP serves the needs of the needs of a diverse global EP community.  The Journal provides a forum for communicating original and innovative research findings that have relevance and a deeper understanding of the pathophysiology of cardiac rhythm disorders to improve the treatment, quality of life and survival of millions of patients across the globe.

JAFIB-EP is brought to life by a committed assembly/body/society/organization/board of clinical scientists and academics to bridge the digital and economic divide in sharing knowledge and science around the world. 

JAFIB-EP articles cover the breadth of EP conditions. These include Atrial Fibrillation (AF), Ventricular Arrhythmias (VA) and conduction system abnormalities that contribute to significant patient morbidity and mortality, through stroke, heart failure, sudden cardiac arrest and more.  EP is a dynamic field that, with continued discovery and innovation, has helped bring many therapies from bench to bedside for clinical application to patients.

JAFIB-EP offers a free publication platform.  Publication and access to the EP and related fields science has become dramatically expensive.  While the digital revolution has leveled the playing field in other arenas, it has broadened the gap in the medical publishing space.


  • Publish a peer-reviewed journal with original and innovative research findings and case reviews in an open format.  Accepted papers span the full spectrum of Electrophysiology, Imaging in EP, ECG case interpretations, case reviews, Robotics, Allied Health and Surgical EP.
  • Be the ‘EP journal written for and by EPs’ . By broadening the scope of submitted articles, the journal encompasses the full spectrum of EP.  By encouraging submissions from Fellows to senior clinicians as well researchers and allied health professionals, the journal provides new connections and cross-collaboration to improve patient care.
  • JAFIB-EP provides authors a no-fee publication, with global distribution via our online platform and Twitter account. Journalists wishing to receive press releases while papers are still under embargo should contact managingeditor@jafib-ep.com. All articles are peer-reviewed, professionally copyedited and free to the global community.  The Journal is indexed in DOAJ, Google Scholar, and Cross Ref.  We are also in the process of PubMed indexing approval.
  • JAFIB-EP publication is for those authors who want their articles to receive quality reviews and streamlined production, for no cost.  The same authors want or need their articles to be fully open access because of university or government mandates.
  • JAFIB-EP is funded by CardioFront.
  • JAFIB-EP accepts editorials, interviews, conference coverage summaries, and clinical study results.