What is open access?

Open Access is defined as: "the publication of material in such a way that it is available to all potential users without financial or other barriers."

How much does it cost to publish in or read JAFIB&EP?

It does not cost you anything to read/publish in JAFIB-EP. You can access the journal by clicking on the links.

If you would like to subscribe to receive updates about the latest issue published – please click on the subscribe button.

Are the articles in JAFIB-EP peer-reviewed?

All manuscripts submitted are subject to a peer review. The reviewers include a panel of international physicians that specialize in Cardiology and EP.

Who publishes JAFIB-EP?

JAFIB-EP is published by an independent physicians’ group.

How does the copyright work ?

All material published in JAFIB-EP has an Open Access license. This means the copyright is owned by the author or the original copyright owner. JAFIB-EP and/or its affiliates do not have any copyright ownership on the material published in JAFIB-EP.

How can I submit my manuscript?

Assuming that you have registered on our website, please login and submit your manuscript online. We are happy to help with any challenges you may have. Please send an email to managingeditor@jafib.com

What is JAFIB-EP impact factor?

All new journals take on average 2 years to get an impact factor. We hope the consistent quality of scholarly material and large online footprint will help JAFIB-EP get a higher impact factor soon.

Is JAFIB-EP indexed?

Yes. It is indexed in DOAJ, Google Scholar, and Cross Ref. JAFIB-EP is in the process of indexing in PubMed. We also use advanced indexing techniques to make your manuscripts more visible in all search engines like Google & Yahoo.